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Apr 2001 (249k)

The Drum Machine


W e l c o m e    T o    O u r    O n l i n e   S t u d y   H a l l


 The Drum Machine's,  Drum lesson gallery is an ever increasing FREE resource for all online drummers. We have drum lessons for a wide range of popular topics covering Getting starting (tips, ideas), using a metronome, Drum Rudiments, Rate Studies, Dynamics, Accents, Odd Times Signatures, Beat & Style Studies (rock, pop, country, funk, fusion. etc etc) and lots more.  Drum lessons  are often presented in the popular Drum Tab format, and some times with an accompanying MIDI file. Soon they'll all have Midi files.  Primarily this allows me to present a much larger collection of Drum Lesson information in a much smaller format.  If you are not familiar with reading Drum Tab's, please check the Tab FAQ in the drum Charts section.  If your still stumped, just email me, I'll be happy to try and answer your questions.  In Short, Drum Tab's are just a TEXT versions of regular drum notation.  

   Apart from running The Drum Machine, I make my living as a PROFESSIONAL Drum Teacher and Performer.  As a result, I write so much drum lesson material I've decided to make them available to you.  Unfortunately, because of there size, I can only make one available per month (sorry).  Their in a sort of 'lazy man's" drum notation, as they are written for me to read, not publish. But things change....:)...  These ideas are not intended for beginners, and will normally be miscellaneous collections  rather than a focused studies.   So perhaps you can take them further,  If you do, I'd love to see your lesson ideas !.

The Drum Machine is Proud to Announce our FREE 2001 E-Drum Lesson Program.  Join Here 

  If you would like to help write Drum Lessons for The Drum Machine, you are more than welcome, or if you have any lesson idea's,  suggestions or just some general tips on how I might better serve you, please feel free to contact me !   

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