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  Welcome to The Drum Machine and Let me extend my absolute thanks for your continued support.  Sadly, we've been having constant drama's with this site over the previous few (6 actually) months. It's been completely down over the past month.  In it's former state, the site had become just too hard and time consuming to manage for one person.  I was building this site as a hobby, a gift if you will, since Drumming has been good to me...  

  Due to time restrictions and ever decreased services providers, I've had to scale the site back dramatically.   When The Drum Machine started, I just wanted to just create a 'simple' and clean site for our music school students to get and share their ideas.  So I've decided to just focus on producing FREE DRUM LESSON for the you the drumming community.  If you are looking for DRUM TABS, THE DRUM MACHINE no longer maintains an archive here... It may in the future, but not currently 

  This site will hopefully migrate to a new home in the coming months,  but for now, you'll have to put up with some dead links to sections no longer available.  I apologize for this, it's out of my control.. I would much rather spend my time building a new site, than cleaning this up again.. Sorry

  But until we move, be sure to continue using this service.  The more you use it the more effort I'm willing to put into writing Lessons...



Shop |  Drum Lessons | Email

The Drum Machine focuses on drumming as a single global community and thus tries to cater for all tastes and styles. Visitors are encouraged to make submissions and contribute to this growing resource. I am always looking for talented people to help out.   

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